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Pakistani Model Marriam Peerzada ki chudai

The incident I am about to tell you today is actually the incident that happened between me and my cousin brother Amir Bhai. Amir Bhai is married to a beautiful Multani girl and has got 2 kids but he came to Lahore with a business point of view and is about to launch a satellite TV channel. He had to stay with us for 3 long weeks in our home. Although he s elder than I am, but in the 1st meeting I was attracted towards him as he has a well built muscular body, and well, he is rich and was about to open a TV channel and I wanted a shot on that TV channel. It was a weekend of summer 2005, and I ran down the stairs shouting, I have a shooting today, would anybody drive me there? I was in a tight, low waist jeans that hugged me form and a white top that ended far above the waistline of my pants. I was lithe and tall. My five feet four inches form did not have an once of extra fat anywhere. I did yoga regularly and aerobics to keep fit – which is a demand of my profession. My hair was straight and fell below my shoulder. I have large black eyes, high cheek bones and a rather broad mouth with full lips, which makes me unconventionally beautiful. My skin is flawless and smooth. Amir Bhai was sitting in the TV lounge, heard my shout and said ,I have never been to a shooting, and agreed to it immediately. He wore a cargo pant and an old navy T-shirt and a Nike sneaker. “Sis, I am ready… Come on” he shouted as he made his way to the garage. We kept chatting sweet nothings as we headed to the location.

"What is the shooting?" he asked.

"It is a music video. I m the lead."

"Do not tell me you sing as well." he said.

"No, I will be acting it out with someone doing a playback. Thank God!! The listeners are spared!!" I joked and hit a playful punch on his shoulder!!

It took us about an hour to reach the location. It all went very well. But I guess Amir Bhai was stunned to see me performing in a tight jeans and a low cut top. The top I wore had a very low neck line and it ended just above my breasts. The director had warned me that my cleavage will be on some cuts in the video shoot and well will see if they are censored or not. He told me that it was all part of the modern Pakistan and liberal women of Pakistan image programmed. Well, I knew not only the director but the make up guy and every Tom Dick and Harry on the set wanted a peek inside my low cut neck line and they waited almost breathlessly for me to duck down to pick up something or things like that to have a view of my cleavage. And I guess Amir Bhai fell for it as well. I don’t think he ever had anything like this in his mind that a girl who looks so simple in her house, coming from a very mediocre family, and whom when he met for the last time was 5 years ago and she was just an ugly little chick who had thin lean body has grown up into a damsel who can take anybody s breath away. I was in a single word looking gorgeous. Every now and then he looked at me appreciating my beauty and I smiled at him, knowingly. I knew the top I was wearing was very low cut and left most of my breasts bare whenever I just duck down or just try to sit if standing or stand up if sitting.

“Fantastic Marriam. You are wonderful.” And it all ended.

It took me 4 long hours and 3 different costumes to complete the video. All costumes were quite provocative or I mad them provocative by swaying my hips and jiggling my tits or jumping around. Everybody was happy and so was Amir Bhai. I wanted to impress him to get a place in his heart , his pocket and his TV channel.
“How did you like it?” I asked him.

“Fabulous” he replied and was trying keep his eyes off my body as I still was his cousin sister. This reminded me of him calling me “KAKI” and “PIDDI” when I was a teenager. Now obviously he was shocked to see his PIDDI cousin sister being the bomb shell. And I just wanted to keep the mantra on him.. On our way back, I kept talking to him about his TV channel and deliberately wore that low cut neck line top from the video. It wasn’t hard at all to get it from the director. All it took was a quick kiss on his lips and a spank and squeeze on my ass. It was getting harder for Amir Bhai to keep his eyes on the road. I could sense that and I was really enjoying that. I was getting wet by the thoughts that a married person with a wife and 2 kids, and that too almost 10 years elder than I was, and again being the cousin brother who took me as his little sister always was getting aroused by my thoughts. I could sense his breaths getting deeper and his cock getting harder as he was trying to sift his position and trying to hide his bulge in the pants.

“To see me dance like that got on your nerves?” I asked.

“Not exactly, I have seen even more provocative dances, I have in fact seen few nude shows, so that is nothing,” he replied defensively.

“say that again – provocative – I mean you found my dance provocative?” I interrupted him. Yeah, sort of. He replied. I was silent. And then slowly whispered, “Did it turn you on? I mean, did you find my dance sexy….” I knew it would hit him like a rocket.

“Any man would get excited when you see a pretty lady in such pose and making such suggestive movements,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Tell me straight, did you get excited? I do not want a generic reply from you like that>” I asked firmly.

“Well, kind of… I did get excited” he said in an apologetic tone.

“Even if it was your own younger sister, you still got excited?” I asked again.

“So what if the person is one’s own sister? Do not act so naïve Kaki. Any man will get excited when you see someone so sexy. I am no exception.” He retorted. “And do not tell me that you do not know anything about birds and bees, at your age and being in this profession.”

I laughed. “Well, cool down. I am so much used to ramps and people looking at me that I did not think it would upset you to see me like that. But I rather enjoy you calling me sexy”
“I am not upset, not at all. Rather I am proud of you. I am proud to be your brother. It is fine with me what you do in your profession. I would not mind telling people when they appreciate you in this video that you are my sister.” He reassured me.
“So sweet of you Amir Bhai.” I replied and hugged his shoulder from the seat.
We reached home.

The rest of the evening was uneventful till the night came. I went to Amir Bhai s room upstairs to discuss the matter of being on his channel. At least this is what I told everybody at home, so that nobody would come upstairs. Well, nobody went against my demands as they know I am quite demanding and want everything to be done inside the house as I want it. I was wearing a shalwar qameez, a black one which wasn’t transparent but I knew it would enhance my complexion and would make me look more beautiful. My intention was not to look sexy but to sound sexy and look innocent. We kept chatting for a while till it was really late. I asked him about his wife and kids and he asked about my friends at school and different things. He even asked me about my boy friend. To this, I replied truthfully that I rather had one, but I had broken up with him.
“Sorry to know that.” He said sincerely.

“But I am not, he was so possessive, it was very stifling to be with him. You know, in this profession, at times, you got to be a bit liberated, you know what it means, and he would not let me go out with any one. And to top it all, when I told him that once a director wanted to sleep with me for making me the lead lady, he called me names and left for good”

He was stunned to hear such things from his own younger cousin sister. He asked me, “You mean you have to sleep with the director for roles?”

“Most times, yes. Director, or financer or the producer – they are all one. And with so much of competition in this line, you have no other go. And what is wrong in it? I would not mind if my boyfriend sleeps with someone. So why should he mind if I sleep with someone? Moreover, I sleep with someone not for fun – but for necessity. But he never understood it. He was a Doctor and he wanted everything to be white and pure like his profession. He wanted a noble girl friend. I bet his should marry someone from his own work field”

“But do you have to do all this? No one needs your money in the house. Why do you have to sleep with people?” He said with a bit of protest for my questionable morality.
I want to make it big in this world. And believe me, almost everyone uses sex as a tool to climb up the ladder. And, do in Rome as the Romans do. I do the same. And mostly, it is just a quickie with those guys. My revelations were again making him horny. To know that his younger cousin sister sleeps around with people like a whore had a telling effect on him, and his cock was standing up and I could see that in his pajamas, but he wasn’t trying to hide it this time but just shifting his legs. I guess he wanted me to notice his erection. Or maybe he wanted more. After all who could resist such a beauty even if it were your young cousin sister? He was almost inspecting me from head to toe now.

“What are you thinking? Does it bother you when you know that I am sleeping around?”
I asked.

“Well, I am not sure, but I guess it depends. Not every man can tolerate if his girl-friend sleeps with others.” I replied.
“In which age are you living my dear Amir Bhai? Do you mean you do not fool around with your girls? You do not sleep with them? Look, today, one needs space and one needs independence. One should do what he or she thinks is right. And I have no guilt feelings that I have slept with so many people. I would not mind if my husband sleeps with someone, after I marry; as long as he lets me do what I need to do.” “That is perfect.” He agreed with me. “It depends on what kind of understanding you have with your spouse.”

“Actually, once he went with me for a shooting. After the shooting, I went in to change. When I went into the green room, the producer was waiting. He started feeling my breasts and promised me that he would cast me in his next production if I give him a blow job. And I sort of equated it – a simple blow-job would give me such an opportunity. I got a TV commercial with Ali Noori in cornetto / (this TV ad was aired in 2005)I did not resist him and gave him a blow-job there itself. When I returned, my boyfriend asked me what took me so long. I was very honest and truthful to him, and confided in him everything. In stead of appreciating my truthfulness he dumped me. I also told him to fuck off!!” I was talking quite animatedly and was hoping to make him hot enough to start everything himself and then offer me some position in his TV channel. With a naughty smile on my lips I asked, “So I have got you all horny!!”
He did not say a word, just looked at me and then smiled.

“Are you getting enough from her?” I asked.

“What?” He asked as if he did not understand.

“Your wife. Does she keep you happy!” I said and pointed to her bulge.

“Well, almost. But you know a man can never be totally happy with his wife. You know the social limitations. No oral, no sex after 3 am. No anal.”

“So you do fool around?” I asked.

“Yes I do sometimes. Honestly, had you not been my sister, you would not have been safe here,” he said in mock seriousness.

“Am I still safe?” As I said so, my hand crawled up to his thighs.

He took my arm and placed it on his shoulder and I snuggled close to him. As I came closer, my breast was placing against his body. Slowly and tentatively he slipped his hand down until it rested on my big tit. I was right, I had succeeded to make him to break the taboo we nurtured for so many years and from that day onwards there will be no brother-sister relationship between us. He brushed his hand against my nipple over my qameez and my nipple responded by standing up. I turned my face towards him, and as he looked down at my eyes, I kissed him on his lips. That kiss spoke a million words. That kiss expressed all the desire, all the passion and all my love for him and his love for me. We opened her mouth and our tongues fought and we did not realize how long we were kissing. He was in a state of euphoria, and came back to his senses when he found his pajamas was undone and his sister’s hand was trying to make his cock free. He got up and pushed his cargo down. His cock stood up. His cock was of average length, but it was thick, really thick.

“It is beautiful”, I said, as I lowered my head to it. I first kissed on the bulbous head and licked it with my tongue. I flicked its opening with the tip of my tongue and then slowly and slowly took it into my mouth.

Amir Bhai caught my head and started giving jerks wanted to push his cock down my throat. I patted his thigh hinting him to stop as I couldn’t bear such a thick thing in my mouth interfering with my respiration, and I started moving my head up and down. Every time I lifted my head and brought it down, more of his cock entered my mouth. I was sucking gently and at times, using my teeth and rubbing my teeth on his cock. I knew he was in heaven and who wouldn’t seeing his younger cousin sister who is now a model, got a killing figure was sucking his bulbous cock. I alternated between licking and sucking hard on his dick. It was just heavenly and I was wondering how lucky all those guys were including Amir Bhai now whom I’ve given head. I took the balls in my hand and started squeezing it as I applied suction pressure on his cock head and my tongue was caressing the tip of his cock. By now he would’ve understood and admitted that even very professional whores he would slept with were not as adept at giving head as his sister is.

“You are doing it great Marriam” he said amidst pants,” You are the best. No one ever gave head like you do. It is incredible. You are fantastic.”

Hearing this, I increased my suction, and was now sucking it harder as my lips went concave. He tried to reach for the hem of my qameez and lifted it over my tits. I helped him and raised my head and in one swift movement took off the aqmeez. His cock was glistening from my saliva. Once I had my qameez off, my big firm, shapely and large breasts came into the full view. The nipples were medium-sized and erect. The areola was of a chocolate color and no one could resist his mouth from feasting on them. Like a man who has been craving for female flesh for long, he started squeezing them hard.

“Go slow, my sweet brother,” I cooed as he reached for the waist band of my tight shalwar. He pushed it down and he could clearly see my bald pussy. He got up and got rid of all his clothes and threw them on the floor. He bent sideways and caught me at my waist and lifted me turning around in such a way that my head was down and my legs were up. As he lifted me up I wrapped my legs around his neck bringing my cunt right on his mouth and I pulled his cock to reach it with my mouth. Holding me, he fell back on the cushioned sofa, and we were in a perfect sixty nine. He licked all around my cunt and then started slow sucking it. He pushed his tongue into my cunt, which was dripping with my juice.

I started moaning, “Aahhhh… aa hhh …mmm …aaa hhhh.. Hhhmmmm….” As I increased pressure on his cock. He started reciprocating my sucking by lifting his pelvis and fucking my mouth. He parted my cunt with his fingers and reached for my clit, it was already engorged. He flicked his tongue on it and started lapping it. He was sucking, licking and tenderly biting my clit. His hand was roaming on my lovely butts, and caressing it gently, he started massaging my asshole. He took the mixture of his saliva and my pussy juice on his finger and started lubricating my asshole. He was applying his spit, saliva repeatedly on my asshole till it became slippery and then slowly and ever so gently pushed his index finger into my asshole. I was expecting it when he was massaging my asshole, so I relaxed my sphincter. With my sphincter relaxed he could now fuck my asshole with his finger quire easily.

He had his finger totally in my asshole, and was sucking my pussy hard as I started coming. I started pushing my pelvis as hard as I could on his face and he was sucking me as hard as he could – as if there would be no tomorrow. Meanwhile I bit him lightly on his cock and sucking its head, started jerking it from the base with one hand and with the other started doing what he was doing to my asshole. I licked my finger and pushed it in. I started fingering his asshole as he did mine. But after my finger entered his asshole I found his prostate and started massaging it from inside his rectum.

Ohh,…. Yeahh,…. Marriam…. Janoo…. You are the best…. The best cocksucker in the world…… oh… Marriam… yes, I am coming…. I am coming…. Make me cum… Marriam, my darling Marriam … my sexy Marriam …. My lovely Marriam … make me cum in your mouth … I want to come in your sexy mouth……. Marriam… oh… my sweet cousin sister…. Suck me … suck me harder my Marriam…… As his cock spurted out its cum, I started shivering, my thighs clasping his head tight and my cunt forcing itself on his mouth and I knew my time has reached too to reach the climax. He increased his speed of sucking and fingering my ass and continuously flicking my clit.

With his cock still in my mouth, I could not utter a word, but made throaty noise and my whole body tensed up. A little while later I took my mouth off his cock and got off Amir Bhai and stood near the sofa near his head as he was on his back – his face inches from my pussy. There was a look of pure ecstasy on his face. You are the best Marriam – he complemented me. You are great too Amir Bhai. – I reciprocated “ So far I was giving head to give people pleasure, but this time, you gave me heavenly joy eating me. This was the best cunnilingus I ever had. No one made me cum like this.”

I sat by his side and started playfully jerking his limp cock. This is a beauty. I said. I am sure it will fit me fully and well. I was chuckling. I bent over again and took his cock in my hungry mouth and started sucking it. My nude charm, my uninhibited sexuality and my open display of my sensuality and sex appeal made him hard again in no time.

“Let me ride you this time,” I said and without waiting for any response from Amir Bhai, climbed on him, placing my legs on either side of his waist. I caught his cock in one hand and slowly descended on his cock. As I descended my pelvis – his cock entered the taboo passage, which was so warm, so slippery and so tight!! I felt as if it is meant for his cock alone. I screamed with joy as he entered me. “That is it Marriam, it feels so good, it feels so nice… I feel so great to be inside you … inside your warm pussy… your pussy is so tight …” he said as he started jerking his pelvis and giving strokes from below. I was riding him with equal speed, and was going up and down with my tits jiggling and moving. They looked like water-filled balloons, taut and firm. He reached for them and grabbed them, and I went on slowly increasing my speed. I undulated my pelvis and he must have felt my cunt muscles contracting and gripping his cock like a viece.

“You not only have a tight pussy, you know how to use it,” Amir Bhai said panting.

“Your thick cock fits it so well. It is just right for my pussy. I hate to have wicks in my pussy. I like to have such thick and hard cocks always.” I said and went humping him.

”Have you ever been gangbanged?” He asked me as I went on fucking him,” Or have you ever tried threesomes or more?”

“No, never. But would not mind it sometimes. I know it would feel great to have cocks stuffed in all your holes. But shall tell you the truth, I have tried anal sex.” I said as if I was giving my teacher my progress report.

“I hope there be plenty of time and stamina for that.” He said as he went on increasing his speed. I was now bending forward letting him play with my breasts. We went on like that for quite a while, and as he was pinching my nipples while shoving his dick deep into me from below, I announced I was coming. My movements became faster and faster and I started moaning and throwing my head and then collapsed on him with his rock hard cock still inside my pussy as my pussy flooded again with my nectar.

Beads of sweat were glistening on my forehead. Some streaks of my hair were plastered on my forehead because of sweat. But there was look of sheer joy and happiness on Amir Bhai s face. His lovely deep eyes were twinkling. He lifted me putting his hands under her ass and then slowly made her lie on the huge sofa by my side. I made her lie on her abdomen and went to her feet. I raised her hips and now, she had her head on the sofa lifting my ass, as I positioned myself on my shoulders and knees. He made me spread my legs. My great posterior was thrust up, and my fantastic ass was facing the ceiling. He started licking my pussy kneeling right behind me. He fingered my clit and pushed in three fingers into my well lubricated pussy, which was gaping open after our fucking and reached my asshole with his mouth. I never expected Amir Bhai s mouth on my asshole. He started licking and sucking my asshole. He pushed his tongue into my asshole and made sure it is well oiled for future action. Making sure my asshole was slippery, he started fingering me, and then pushed in two fingers. He alternated between his mouth and fingers on my asshole and after a while it was sopping wet. Knowing what was about to come, I knelt right before him and placed his cock head on my asshole. He reached for my clit to excite me further. While massaging my clit, he pushed his cock slowly. It felt tremendous resistance. He stopped for a while, and started fingering my cunt. Then again, slowly and slowly asking me to relax, pushed his cock. Aaaa hhhhh… it hurts….. It pains… your cock is…. Too thick….I cannot take it… my small asshole will be torn … you are tearing me apart…. No…. No… stop…. It….I shouted.

But before I could finish it, he had his cock head inside my asshole. As his cock head made the most glorious invasion of its lifetime, into my beautiful asshole, he stopped for a while and started tenderly massaging my pussy and suddenly felt my sphincter relaxed. As it relaxed, he pushed his cock deeper. It caught his cock from all around and fitted it so very well that the pleasure from the friction was incredible. He started moving his cock in and out slowly. He took some of my pussy juice from my dripping pussy and rubbed on his cock when it came out. Now, we had started on a perfect rhythm and started moving in unison. I gained speed and he kept fucking my ass.

“It feels like I am in heaven…. “ he grunted….” I never could have imagined fucking your asshole would be so great…. It is the best piece of ass I have ever experienced. It is just meant for my cock…. Mmm…. Aaa…. Marriam ……Hhhmmm…” he went about fucking my tight asshole and now, I was cooperating by giving backward thrusts. I knew he was enjoying it like anything. Who wouldn’t? A young girl with a perfect body and figure, with so many people to die for, and that too being a younger cousin sister? I guess anybody would loved fucking his lovely famous fashion model sister s ass.
As he fucked my ass, I reached for my pussy and started fingering it.

"I feel great too Amir Bhai…" - I found myself uttering,” It feels fantastic, I never knew taking it deep into ass will be so much joy… it feels different… I feel as if something is filling me completely, totally. I feel as if everything in my body has been filled up.. It feels out of the world… it feels sooooo goooooood…… yes, fuck me you sister fucker… drive that fat cock into your sister s ass…. Come on… fuck me… fuck me hard Amir Bhai… still harder… yes, give it to me… give your cock… bury it deep in my ass….. Do my ass… yes…. Take me… to heaven….. My entire body tensed up… I knew I will be coming again. I felt his balls tightening and he gave one last powerful thrust to bury his cock right unto its base into my ass. As it started spurting the hot juice I gave the last strokes. I tightened my rectal muscled and as I was giving my final strokes, my rectal muscled and anal sphincter tightened around his cock as tight as a hand can hold. I milked his cock of the last drops of semen as he came in my asshole.

We collapsed on each other, and he took me in his arms as I kept my head on Amir Bhai s broad chest. I was caressing his chest with my nimble fingers and sucking on his nipples. With the other hand, I was caressing his balls and cock. In few minutes, my manipulations brought his cock to life. My expert hands which had given hand jobs to many people brought back life into my cousin brother Amir Bhai s cock. This time, I lied down on my back, and he went between my legs in missionary position. We went on fucking each others brains out till we both climaxed. A while later, as both were completely spent, we got up, had shower together as we washed each other.

I wore my shalwar qameez and sat on Amir Bhai s lap talking about my chances on his TV channel. He not only offered me free advertisement on his channel whenever I wanted, but also asked me to have 10percent of all the profit from the channel. The channel s name is Dhoom. It hadn’t made it big so far but its earning me a lot of money to date.

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