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Meri Kunwari Choot Parrne Wala

how are you? This is first time I am sending you my true story of first sex encounter in my life. I hope you people will enjoy it. First of all let me introduce myself, I am Zara (21 years old) from Lahore Pakistan. I am 5' 4" and good looking. My boobs are tight and its niples are standing straight up. Their size is 36. I have nice and firm belly of 28, and firm, round and tight gand (butt) of 38. I am student of B.Com.We are seven (7) members in the family. Me, my elder sister Sana (23), our eldest brother Zahid (26) and his wife-our bhabi- Shehla (24). We have a younger brother as well. His name is shahid (19). Our dad Seth Azhar is a businessman, while our mumy Samina Begum is a social woman. desi kahani

Apart from my family, I have a friend Imran who is also my calss fellow, and he is the first person who fucked me for the first time. He is fucking me for last few years. One day when I went to his home and used his personal computer, I was shocked to see that he had written story about our first encounter. On my inquiry, he told me that he wrote this story to keep the good memories of our first sex encounter. To hear this suddenly a new idea came to my mind and I asked Imran that why not we should share this story with other people. To my pleasure Imran agreed with me and I decided to share that story with readers. So dear readers here is story of our first sex experience. But as you know that it was written by Imran-my body lover- so I am writing it in his words. So here is Imran with our story ( in urdu language)....... 

Yai un dinoon ke baat hay jub main BBA (2nd year) kay pepers day kay farig hua tha. I was 18 years old at that time. Meri aik girl friend hay jis ka naam Zara hay, She is my class-mate. She is really a nice girl. She has a good body specially I like her boobs. 

Aik din meray ghur waloon ko out of city jana pur gaya, tho main ghur main akaila tha. Uss raat Zara ka phone aaya, uss din who kuch pershaan lug rahee thee, 15 ya 20 minute baat kurnay kay baad ussay main nay bataya kay meray ghur main koi nahee hay main akaila hoon tho wo phone per muskura dhe. Main samja kay woh waisay he muskura rahee hay, so main nay ignore kur diya, kuoon kay uss din say pehlay meri feelings kabhi be Zara kay liye iss tarah kee nahee theen jis tarah main uss din feel kur raha tha. Khair koi half hour batain kurnay kay baad main nay phone bund kur diya time bahot ho gaya tha. Ussay be aub neend aa rahee thee hum nay phone rukh diye. Main uss kay baad PC on kur kay desi sites check kurnay lug gaya aour aik story pur kay sou gaya. 

Subha jub main neend main tha tou main nay door-bell ke awaz sunee jou kay koi baree dair say baja raha tha, main nay shirt pahnee aour door open kurnay chula gaya, door open kiya tou main ye dek ker hairaan rah gaya ke Zara samnay kharee thee. She was looking so beautiful and sexy. She was wearing shalwar-kameez of blue color and gave me smile and said, "you are still sleeping?" and entered. Khair main ne ussay undhar bithaya aour ussay cold drink serve kee. Uss say kaha kay main zara bath lay kay aata hoon, she said ok. Aour uss nay TV on kur liya and I went for bath. Main naha kay bahir aya tou Zara baithee hue the. main kitchen main gaya aour hum nay breakfast kiya. Uss din who kuch khaass dikh rahee theee main uss kay sath baith gaya aour TV per movie daiknay lagay. 

After little chit-chat main nay daikha kay movie main aik scene ayaa. A boy was kissing a girl very hardly. Main nay channel change kiya tou uss nay kaha,"laga rahnay dou itna achaa shot hay". Main yai sun kay pehlay tou ghabra gaya phir main nay wohee channel laga diya main nay aik baat note ke, kay who buray ghour say daikh rahee thee TV. Mera deehan aik dum uss kay boobs pur para mughay kuch ajeeb sa mehssos hua, Woh TV daikhnay main masrrof thee main be TV daikhnay lug gaya. Khair main uss kay thoura kareeb ho kay baith gaya. 

Main nay uss kay hath pur hath rukh diya uss nay aik dun say meray hath kou daikha aour phir meri taraf daikh kay smile pass ke, main samgh gaya kay Zara be hot hay iss waqat, main nay uss say poocha,"kia tum nay pehlay kabhi blue film daikhee hay"? tou woh ghabra gayee aour khamosh rahee. Main nay phir poocha tou boulee,"aik dafa aik friend lay kay ayee thee thouree see daikhee thee". Uss waqat main us kay aour kareeb hou gaya, main nay kaha kay meray pas aik blue film pare hue hay daikhain kaya? who khamosh rahe aour main samgh gaya kay who razi hay main CD lay kur ayaa aour play kur dee. 

She was feeling shy. Aub main nay us kay hath kou pakar liya who bouhat ghuram thee main nay uss kay hountoun pur apnay hount rukh diya aour kissing kurnee shuru kur dee woh bouhat ghuram hou rahee thee, aour uss ke sansain taiz hou rahee thee main nay phir uss kee neck pur kissing ke she was out of control, main nay uss kay boobs dabanay shuru kur diya aour woh be mazay lay rahee thee phir main nay uss say kaha,"apni kameez utaar dou." Woh pehlay tou ghubraee aour boulee nahe aisay he kuch hou jayai ga main nay kaha ke kuch nahe ho ga. Aour phir thouree dair baad who maan gayee aour uss kee kameez main nay utaar dee. Main uss ka black blouse daikh kay pagal ho gaya aour ussaay kissing kurnee shuru kur dee uss kay boobs bahot tight thay main daba raha tha aour kissing kur raha tha . aik dum main nay zara zour say dabaya aour uss ke cheekh nikal gayee,"ooiii ahista dubaoo Imran dard houta hay". Main nay kaha,"theek hay ahista dubata hoon." Main nay phir uss ka blouse utaar diya wo sharma rahee the. Uss kay boobs bouhat achay thay aour bouhat white thay. Uss kay nipples pink thay jou kay tight thay. 

Main nay aik boob apnay hath main lay kur chhosna shuru kur diya. Woh bahot hot ho rahee the aour meray baloun main haath chala rahee the. Main nay us kay nipple kou bite kiya tou who cheeki aour kaha,"ohhhh oii ahista kato pleasessssss Imran." Lakin main uss waqat deewana hou chukka tha uss kay boobs ka. Phir main nay uss ke pussy pur apna hath phairna shuru kur diya ussay aour muza aanay laga woh awazain nikaal rahee thee, "aahhhh ohhh my god ummm yessss ...." Main nay uss ke shalwar main hath day ker uss kee pussy ko hath lagaya to wo bilkul ghilee ho chukee thee. Main nay apna hath ragrna shuru kur diya, wo pagal ho rahe thee aour awazain nikal rahe thee. Main nay uss kou kaha kay shlwar be utaar dou tou uss nay utaar dee aour phir main nay kissing kurna shuru kur diya aour uss ke panty be utaar de who bikul nangee thee. Main uss kou pagloun ke tarah choom raha tha. 

Phir main nay uss ka hath pakar kay apnay lun per rakah aour who ghabra gayee aour kaha, "itna bara." Main nay kaha, "yes mari jaan issay pakaro yai tumara hay."Ye soon ker wo muskra rahe thee aour uss ke ankhoun main ajeeb nasha tha. Main nay ussay kaha kay meray kapray utaray, tho uss nay meray kapray utarnay shuru kur diyai aour main sirf panty main reh gaya. Pheer main uss kay ooper lait gayaa aour uss kay boobs say khail rahaa tha woh awazain nikal rahee tha, "aah umm.....ooiii maa ........" phir ussay main nay kaha kay chulo bedroom main chultay hain aour main nay usay apni bahoun main utha liya aour bed room mein lay gaya.. Usay bed pur lita diya. She was smiling and looking so beautiful that I cant explain. Main nay uss say poocha, "Zara darling! kia aaj se pehle kabhi kisi nay thum ko chouda hay." Tho us nay kaha, "nahee meri jaan..meray sartaaj, pehlay kabhi nahee choda kisi nay."Main tho yai sun kay jaisay pagal say hou gaya. Main nay usay pakar kay kissing shur kur dee. Phir main nay us say kaha kay mera underwear be utaar dho tho us nay mara underwear be utar diyaa. Mera 7" ka lun daikh ker wo boulee, "ssssss itna bura lun...yai tou meri choot phar day ga Imran." Ye keh ker wo meray lun ko apni muti main dabanay lagi. Main nay kaha ke kuch nahee houta hay. Phir main nay uss ke pussy pur apna lun ragrna shuru kiya aour uss kay boobs say khail raha tha . Woh jaisay pagal ho gayee ho, "aah ohhhh ummmmmm yesssssssss Imran aub aour mut tarrpawo please andar kurooo issay Imrannnn main gayeeeee ohhh ummmmm ...."

Phir main nay aik pillow liya aour uss kee kamar kay neechay rakh diya aour phir uss kay ooper ho kur apna lun andur kurnay ke koshish kee. Mera LUN us ki gili CHOOT main thorra sa aundar gaya aour phir uss nay halkee see cheekh maareee...."aahhhh Imran araam say main virgin hoon..." Main uthaa aour lotion lay ayaa uss say kaha kay issay meray lUN pay apply kuro aaour apni CHOOT per be. Uss nay aisa he kiya ....Main phir position pur aa gaya aour main nay LUN ka topa uss ke PUSSY main dala tho araam say he chula gaya ussay dard be nahee hueee ...

Phir main nay ussay chhomna shuru kur diya. Wo neechay say ooper ho rahee thee. Main nay uss kay boobs chhosnay shuru kur diyai, woh bolee, "aour andar karo." Main nay uss kay shoulders kou pakar kay aik zor ka jhatka lagaya aour uss ke cheekh nikaal gayee, "oiii maaaaa ....aahhhh ohhhh please Imran issay bahir nikaallouu please...main mur jaoon gee issay bahir nikalo." Uss nay bahot koshish ke laqin main usay chhomta raha, uss ke aankhoun main say aansoo nikal rahayy thay aour who kah rahee thee, "bahir nikaal lo issay please bahot bara hay ....aaaahhhh main gayeee aaah Imrannn pleaseeeee ......ohhh .....oiiii maaa .....bahot dard hou raha hay ..." Phir main nay aahista aahista hilna shuru kur diya ....woh taqreeban normal ho gayee thee, aour main hil raha thaa. Mera poora LUN andar bahir ho raha tha ..aour woh awazain nikaal rahee thee, "aaaah oohhh ummm yesss ....oooo,,,,,uffff ....bouhat bara hay tumhara LUN....aaahhh main gayee ,,,,,oohhhh oiiii."

Aub ussay be maza aana shuru hou gaya tha. Main nay taiz hilna shuru kur diya aour aub woh be mazay main thee aour keh rahee thee, "aaahh Imran taizzz aour aahhhhh oooofffff .....yesss pleaseeeee aour taizzz yehhhhhh .......ummmm .....choudo mujay main tumharee hoon .....ooohhhh ....yessss ......" Phir main nay uss say kaha, "main chhotnay walaa hooon." Tho uss nay kaha, "please thoureee dair aour aaahhhh .....ummmm" Main nay taiz jerks marnay shuru kur diyai, "ohhh yehhh .....ummm Imran aour taizzz" Main chootnayyy wala thaaa aour wohhh bee... Phir main nay uss kou kaha, "main aa gaya." uss nay kaha, "main beeee ......." Aour hum dounooo aik sath chhoootttt gayyy .....Uss kee PUSSY meray cum say bhur gayee aour woh be thandii hou gayee. 

Main uss kay opper 2 ya 3 minute tuq laita raha, aour phir main uthaa aour daikha kay uss kee PUSSY say bleeding ho rahee thee thuree see....Main aour woh phir wash room gaye aour bath liya. During bath uss kou main nay 2 dafa aour fuck kiya. Phirr uss nay kapray pehan liyai. She was very happy. Phir shaam kay 4 baj gaye aour uss nay kaha main aub chultee hoon .....Tho main ussay darwazay tuq chour kay ayaa aour jatay waqat uss ko long kiss kee aour phir woh chulee gayee ......Aub jub be humay chance milta hay hum sex zaroor kurtay hainn

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